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A playwright and four actresses seek to revive a theater in Beirut destroyed after the war, with a production of Sophocles’ Elektra, only to then stage stories by the writer (released in 2023).


Jesus of Nazareth

Adapted from a screenplay by Carl Theodor Dreyer, this is a feature film about the life of Jesus from his public ministry to the crucifixion (work in progress).



Inspired by Joyce's novel, the film takes place in and immediately around Berlin on a single day. The protagonists, Olees, Yosyp, and Martha are modern counterparts to Leopold Bloom, Stephen Dedalus, and Molly Bloom (work in progress).


Mimera Films is the film practice studio of Hisham Bizri.

Hisham Bizri is a film director, writer, and producer born in Beirut, Lebanon. He started working in cinema as an assistant director to Raúl Ruiz in NYC and to Miklós Jancsó in Budapest. He has directed 29 short films and has written a number of screenplays adapted from Gilgamesh, Jorge Luis Borges, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Al-Tayyib Salih, and James Joyce. In 2023, he released Elektra, his directorial feature film debut which he also wrote and co-produced.

Bizri studied film directing in the US and later taught in Lebanon, Korea, Japan, Ireland, and Jordan where he founded a number of film programs. Most recently, he has served as a tenured Professor of Filmmaking and Screenwriting at Brown University.

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