Jean Benner, Brieses weeping over the body of Patroclus (1878)

Inspired by the Joyce’s novel, Ulysses the film is the story of Maurice and Geneviève whose marriage crumbles after the loss of their son. In an attempt to move on, Geneviève plans to return to Opera and Maurice to producing a rendition of Homer’s The Odyssey at his theater. He hires Joseph, a burnt out actor who has just returned home, to play the lead. Joseph gets himself involved with a seductive Magdalena.

While Geneviève carries out a loveless affair at home and Magdalena pursuing her career as a rising Opera singer, Maurice and Joseph wander through the city, meeting and separating over the course of the single day. As night approaches, the four characters find themselves facing painful hardships of the past. To live and love once again, they must rebuild their lives as humanely and forgivingly as possible.