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Of Yellow was the Outer Sky

Of Yellow was the Outer Sky (7 min 42 sec, 2018) “Of Yellow is the outer Sky” is an ode to the fragility of life and the Syrian revolution which started on March 15, 2011. "Autrefois...
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Shooq – aka, The Wanderer

Shooq - aka, The Wanderer (42 min 8 sec, 2017) "Shooq" aka "The Wanderer" is an ethereal film portrait of Jordanian artist, Mamdouh Bisharat, who like Kurt Schwitters and Joseph Cornell, uses psychological collages of...
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Beneath the Wide Wide Heaven

Beneath the Wide Wide Heaven (15 min 6 sec, 2016) LOGLINE: A film looking at a filmmaker who is directing a film. SYNOPSIS: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Marxist, Catholic, and gay, plays the role of the director...
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Shluq – aka Sirocco

Shluq - aka Sirocco (15 min 51 sec, 2012) Remarkable men gather in a council to investigate a mysterious death. Their hired detective awakens on the seashore by the desert to find a ship sinking,...
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A Film

This is a film poem about love. A filmmaker photographs a woman in Paris: as a trapeze artist, a model, a lover, and a child. The film attempts to capture that moment between wakefulness...
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Asmahan (21 min 24 sec, 2005) "Unlike most cinephiles, I've never been interested in the cult of the actress - or actor - until Hisham Bizri rendered actress-fascination palpable, even for me, in his "Asmahan"....
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Vertices: Beirut.Dublin.Seoul

Vertices: Beirut.Dublin.Seoul (32 min 44 sec, 2005) This is a film for three screens that captures fragments of a day in the life of three cities: Beirut, Dublin, and Seoul. Simple scenes from every day...
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Chabrol a Biarritz

Chabrol a Biarritz (23 min 08 sec, 2002) Shot in the French coastal town of Biarritz during the 15th edition of the International Festival of Audiovisual Programs in 2002, this film creates an intimate portrait...
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La Rencontre

La Rencontre (27 min 49 sec, 2002) Learning of her father's suicide, Emma Zunz (Muriel Romero) embarks on a crusade to exact revenge from Aaron Lowenthall (Christian Paterne), the man responsible for her father's demise....
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City of Brass

City of Brass (24 min, 2002) Antoine Galland (Misha Kuznatzov) buys a rare manuscript known as "The Arabian Nights" from an Arab Moor (Ellis Foster) living in Europe at the turn of the 18th century....